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It does remind me of Christmas and I am gonna wear it around the holidays.This is my second favorite of the Britney Spears Fantasy line after the original.I live in a tropical region so it's blazing hot now and I don't feel suffocated wearing this perfume at all. I truly enjoy this pretty orange scent, I only wish it packed more punch and lasted longer.People say it reminds them of Christmas, that may be so because Christmastime in my country is still very hot with lots citrus fruits in season. It has a warm, deep smell that I think is more appropriate for night time and winter time wear, but I am gonna wear it now it´s summer.Ive tried to work with The One countless times and just cant. I was expecting a gourmand fit for winter, IF someone were to wear this I feel its better suited for spring/summer.

Hidden Fantasy is a new fragrance and it was introduced in 2008. The orange is like a bakery orange scent, not a sharp citrus scent, which I love. I knew it was cheaper in B & M bargains so I went straight over and bought it. If you haven't tried it yet go out and spray a tester. To my horror, I saw that CLOVES have a significant number of votes and was horrified that I'd just made a terrific blunder because, normally, cloves despise me, dominating the fragrance and shrieking from my skin.

It's very nice and I feel like I have smelled this growing up somewhere.

It doesn't last too long on me but on clothes it goes on for days and days.

And, although she reads "feminine" from me; others may have an entirely different experience. I am continually surprised by the beauty and quality of BS fragrances, this one is the best surprise of all!!! I think the smell would work well on a Christmas themed hand soap or something but I'm not quite sure I like it as a perfume.

The fragrance is a 10 of 10, I'll not be parting with this one. Updated to add that the longevity is several hours or better. Echo - Hidden Fantasy offers a cakey warm citrus and spice aura that puts the wearer in Festive Holiday Spirits. As of September, I started making monthly perfume trays in order to get to know the perfumes I already own even better.

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