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Boing boing 1987 dating video

While the all-CSS solution was really neat and elegant, it just didn't degrade nicely to older browsers.

As a compromise, the new rollover buttons load faster than the old ones, and still give me a relatively simple way to add new ones over time.

25 August, 2011 The server has been under attack from a hacker in Beijing, China for the past week, leading to outages, lockups and other issues.

The damage has hopefully been repaired and things should be working again. It seems that some spammers have added my email address as a 'sender' to their bots, so I'm being inundated with delivery-failure messages.

When they're back, they should available in higher resolutions for download as well. Don't expect a lot of output from me though, at least not yet. 10 February, 2003 I've added some tweaks to the Counter Management System, and put up the photos from Further Confusion 2003 here until I finish processing the video and set up a dedicated gallery.

My primary goal for my LJ right now is to fix the stylesheet and layout for it. 31 January, 2003 It'd been awhile since my last update, mainly because I've been busy with contract work and managing a friend's server.

The raccoon videos are back up here again, and I'll be adding some new ones along with convention videos in the coming weeks.

16 June, 2003 Added some new photos to the Collectibles and Wildlife photo galleries!

This may be a side-effect of rerouting done after the loss of a communications satellite, or just due to a router doing heavy filtering on packets.14 March, 2004 Invisible update - I've embedded Java Script in the navigation menu and the Guestbook to hide 'mailto' links from page-scanners. And if people were a little smarter about dealing with file attachments, these viruses wouldn't be getting loose in the first place.17 Februrary, 2004 It's taken me awhile, but I've finally gotten all of the video clips from Further Confusion 2004, 2003, 19 encoded and uploaded! That's the really frustrating part of it: my or anyone else's email domain could be blocked because of a complete stranger's moment of carelessness.9 May, 2003 I took down the 'Learn the Secrets of Llap-Goch' page.Someone pointed out to me that it was actually from Monty Python, and a little digging showed it was from the book, The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok.

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