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The nervous countdown was well and truly upon us all.

The agitation and restlessness was rife, causing the likes of One Direction to become even more annoyingly fidgety, jokey, pokey, and childlike like the irritating little brothers they were.

You caress his shoulders and upper back while he’s doing this and you feel yourself getting all wet. He comes back up to kiss you softly and straddles you. He started licking your clit slowly and held your thighs down. “Sorry for interrupting your make-out session but we need to go to the studio to record some songs and it would be pretty amazing if you joined us”, Harry says while he smiles. You sigh and say: “Yeah, thank you, Harry.”Niall: You and Niall are at Louis’ place watching a movie. You place your hand on his crotch you and can feel that he’s getting a boner. “You two are so cute together”, another girls says. One of these questions says: “” They boys look at each other and Louis and Zayn begin to smile. The fans look surprised at Louis and then Louis says: “My girlfriend’s name is (Y/N) and I’m so happy to have her by my side.” He looks at you and winks and the only thing you can do is smile, because you’re the happiest girl on earth. You’re laughing about this jokes when suddenly some fans are standing at your table. When the pictures are taken, the girls look at you two and smile. “I’m getting annoyed by it, but it’s your decision and you have to like it”, you answer.

He undoes the button with his hands, then unzips with his teeth. He gets his hands in your hips and slides off your black lady panties with his teeth. He brought you there alone to show you some cool tracks and stuff. You giggled and breathed heavier as he reached your panties, rubbing them. Finally he slid them off and kissed down your stomach to your pussy, kissing it softly first. Love you”, Louis says as he kisses you and walks out the door. So you place your hand on his thigh and run your hand up and down this thigh. Louis: You’re standing backstage with Perrie at the concert of your boyfriend Louis and his five best mates in London. After that the twitter questions appear on the screen. Niall nods and stands up to take some pictures with the fans. Zayn posted on twitter, that he wants a new tattoo, so many fans do guess, that he’s going to get a tattoo today. “A fan just asked me if it gets boring getting tattoos”, Zayn says. A few minutes later you check your twitter and then you see Zayn’s tweet to the fan who sent the question earlier.

Sometimes I’ve claimed to be a tad psychic and at this very moment I was picking up positive vibes from Simon and Sinitta. He kisses along your jawline, your eyelids, then hovers over your mouth. Your head bobs up and down his dick and he moans quietly.Finally you let out a gasping moan and arched your back, having a mafor stylegasm ;) This pushed him over the edge. You kissed him softly, both of you slowly stood up helping each other to put your clothes back on. Harry: Harry and you are having a heated make-out session. The final morning arising in Marbella not knowing our fate, whether we were about to embark on the biggest reality TV adventure of a lifetime or fly home back to our mediocre day jobs feeling positively suicidal.We were shuffled upon the coach of destiny once again, and spent most of the journey to ‘Simon’s (fake) house’ concentrating on projecting positive vibes out into the universe (hippie style) to get that all almighty pass to the X Factor live shows.

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One by one the acts were called out and went to ‘the other side’ without the remaining acts knowing who had succeeded and who had failed.

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