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    We also employed a few house rules for our research—play hard to get, but be open-minded: The goal was to familiarize ourselves to the quirks of each online dating network.

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    Whatever the name of the sites, they weren’t great, at least not by today’s standards.

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    Sometimes they use the word "chosen" or some other word for an adopted child. Virginie was the daughter of Theodule Chenelle and Victoria Ramsay. 28, 1857 and baptized as an adult in the Methodist church Stanstead Twp. Sadly I have not found much on the first names you have mentioned. Their ladies must have been very popular with the Raymond men. John Clifford [email protected] missing birth/address information I am seeking is on Albert F SABALL (SABOLL). 1833-1892 And was buried at Fitch Bay with his wife Naomi MARTIN (1831-1888)and son Joseph Cephas SABALL (d. ) Saball Groton, Massachusetts [email protected] am looking for information on Alonzo & Mary ALEXANDER such as where they lived in Georgeville, the vital stats on their children who were born in Georgeville.

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