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Call us to experience reading without any eye movement at all, vertical or horizontal, and with complete control: 978-927-9234. We will also show you how to read any of these text examples with interactive, computer voice.We have been teaching people how to read this way for over 20 years. Reading by Phrases is ideal for Beginners (K-4), severe Dyslexia, other LD/Special ED, basic Remedial Reading, and starting ESL.Reading with interactive, computer voice is ideal for all Average Readers in middle school, high school, and college, all advanced ESL students, advanced ADHD students, and all advanced Dyslexics.Students quickly improve their reading speed and comprehension, as they do their assigned reading with these techniques, called Proportional Reading.You will learn how to use this approach to read almost any article on the Internet or any textbook or novel, at the speed you think, up to and above 500 words per minute.Besides completing assigned reading, you will overcome the 18 Bad Reading Habits and develop transferrable skills for reading regular books. Adjustable Neck Strap for Your i Phone Experience the Joy of Reading Well i Pad/Book Chair Stand for “Hands Free” Reading You can not read well if you are in pain or discomfort.Reading Improvement Program for All Ages Improve Your Reading, right now get live, 1-on-1 help with your reading, as needed Learn About Our adult Reading PRogram (age 15-90) Introduction For HS Principles, Teachers, Parents, Literacy Centers, Company Executives & Other Adults For Your i PHONE, i PAD, i Pad mini, i Pod Touch, Mac (Desktop or laptop), or PC We Provide Progressive Instruction, Starting Where You Are At. We can help you format and read any text like you are reading now.

We teach people how to read instantly by progressive cognitive intervals from short to long, as appropriate for each person, and with or without computer voice. All parts of the sentence are read as one unit, without a hard return after each comma.The second part of the training teaches you how to improve your reading using these controls and this new approach.You can do the two parts of instruction in whichever order you prefer.You adjust the speed at which the voice speaks, from normal speaking rate to over 500 words per minute.At the end of each sentence, the sound pauses automatically for as long as you wish, for you to think about what you have just read, and for as long as you want.

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