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I asked the clerk if they had any smaller ones that might be more approachable for a beginner.

It’s a better deal to buy whole sets, he told me, and it’s actually safer to start with a rod a few steps up from the smallest size; in unexperienced hands, the most slender rods can apparently slide and slip around, making them riskier for potential tears or punctures.

The rods come in a variety of shapes — some have a gentle S-shaped curve, while others have large cylindrical dumbbells on their tips.

Some come with flat, rectangular ends, some have repeating spherical ridges, and the most intimidating have severe fishhook curves.

As I started shopping, I noticed that every sounding rod on display was alarmingly large.

Another study, from the University of South Florida tracked instances of patients visiting the hospital with “foreign bodies”inserted in their urethras — including a ballpoint pen housing and a bundle of speaker wires — and noted that all the patients had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. ”the subtitle of one study asked, as if the direct answer —“It felt good? These superstitious forebodings are surprisingly omnipresent when you start to wander off the normative path in any one direction.

Sex inspired in me a suspicion that there were even better forms of it that I would have to travel outside of myself to discover.

Which is how I came to be sitting in my bedroom one night, sliding a long metal tube into my penis.

Sounders should also take care to wash their hands and penis and make sure not to touch anything that hasn’t been washed before insertion.

Many people suggest drinking a glass of cranberry juice just before you begin, which helps to naturally inhibit bacteria growth in the urinary tract.

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These fragments are spooky and prejudicial, using loose correlation between a specific act and broad-sweeping lifestyle habits to create the aura of taboo while ignoring the pre-existing biases that make the stimulation of one’s variously located nerve endings seem irrational. In my neighborhood in Manhattan, there are a number of sex-toy shops and peep show venues, but the thick black curtains hung across the front doors and the intimidating “NO MINORS” signs create a sense of a world of endangerment, where pastimes ensure perils.

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