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I belive that the main reason that a deer will run with its tail down is a bad shot. be patent and let the deer do its thing and you will have there, lasy year i shot a small doe with my muzzleloader , it was about a 20 -30 foot shot i thought i hit the deer but there was no blood anywere . Waited about 45 minutes and headed in the direction I last saw it run. At this afternoon i shot an 8 point buck at 3yards,used a 175lb horton crossbow,radge 2" broadhead, no pass through,no blood,waited 1 hour,abolutely sick,pulled 20x20 yard section serch for sign,10" section of my bolt,good blood,sorry,4 and a half hours later dark no deer no sign,second deer this year,"RADGE", YOU`RE OUT" Nothing is ever definite in shooting an animal. He ran about 600 yards, never found blood he crossed the ditch. So I want to thank every one for their story and wanted to share mine... I shot a nice buck with a 25-06 I hit it an the deer ran real slow but with tail half way up.

after the shoot the deer it literally tucked tail and ran , it ran of like a cowarding dog that just got beat, but like i stated there was no blood anywere ,me and a friend looked for a good 2 hours and found nothing, later on that day i reshot ny gun at a target and found out my sights were off a good 4 to 5 inches , what do u think about this do u feel i may hit the deer because of the way it ran off with tail tucked and behind down or do u think i missed and it ran off scared ,please let me know thanks eric from dracut mass.. However, when a deer tucks its tail, there is a good probability of a liver or gut shot. I found many huge spots of blood an lots of white hair covered in blood.

Definitely give the animal several hours before attempting to recover unless you see the animal fall. Then started reading your post on here while pondering giving up. I followed blood for 250 yards it would be big then small then big spots again.

I shot a deer ,it tucked its tail straight down and ran , i lost it for about 10 seconds then caught a glimpse of it walking into a hardwood bottom. A stray dog spooked the deer which led to the off target shot then chased the deer out of sight after I shot the second time.

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